• Fashion’s impact on the climate crisis

    It is no secret that the fashion industry has a massive impact on the environment and our planet. But who can we hold accountable for the damage? How much power do consumers really have and what can we do to drive change? It is important to acknowledge that although fashion is one of the main …

  • Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

    Cultural Appropriation is a term that’s being thrown around a lot, particularly in the fashion industry.  The meaning of it and what actually classifies as cultural appropriation is more complex and sometimes not that simple. Depending on who you ask you might just get a different answer. Generally speaking, the term can be defined as [...] More
  • What are Micro Communites?

    Micro Communities are becoming increasingly popular. They serve as safe spaces, ways to meet like-minded people and to share information.  But what exactly are micro communities? How do you become part of one and how do they operate? First and foremost, do not let the term ‘micro’ deceive you. Although this means that they’re usually [...] More
  • The problem with unpaid Fashion Internships

    The fashion industry as we know it wouldn’t exist without interns. It’s as simple as that. Unfortunately, over the years, it’s become a habit to not compensate interns for the work they’re doing, which is only one of many problems within fashion. Internships over the last few years have been primarily unpaid, which is something [...] More
  • What is Sustainable Marketing?

    Marketing is a vital part of every business strategy, no matter the industry.  When it comes to sustainable businesses, it’s very important that their marketing strategy is different from a regular marketing strategy and mirrors the companies’ values accordingly.  So what exactly is sustainable marketing? Sustainable marketing describes the promotion of ethical brands’ products, practices [...] More
  • The Future of Fashion E-commerce

    The pandemic has massively rewired the behaviour of consumers over the last few months: from a significant rise in online shopping to an increase in conscious consumption - this year has been unpredictable and challenging for a lot of brands.  According to Bloomberg, Online Shopping and e-commerce demand in the UK surged by 16.2 percent [...] More
  • Is the Fashion Industry Ageist?

    As a brand that has only fairly recently started to address and discuss this important issue, we are well aware of the fact that we have not been the ones at the forefront of this discussion. Nevertheless, we strive to do better and educate ourselves and our community further. Our aim is to bring you [...] More
  • What is Small Scale & Local Production?

    When we hear that something was produced locally and on a small scale, we often want to know more: What actually is local and small scale production? Why does it matter? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How small is small scale production? At SABINNA, we produce everything in Europe (Austria and Portugal) and in [...] More
  • RYOT STUDIO presents ‘The Fabric of Reality’

    We were honoured to be a part of 'The Fabric of Reality', an immersive fashion experience that brings together innovative fashion designers and the world's leading XR artists. Brought to you and made possible by Ryot Studio, Verizon Media’s in-house creative studio and with the support of London College of Fashion's Fashion Innovation Agency, this unique collaboration [...] More
  • Happy Pride 2020!

    HAPPY PRIDE MONTH 🏳️‍🌈 June is Pride Month and we wanted to take some time to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Did you know that most Pride events take place around June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City? What are the Stonewall Riots? A series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the [...] More
  • Anti-Racism Resources ✊

    Being a part of the fashion industry, we can’t allow ourselves to avoid the conversation around systemic racism any longer. This industry was built on injustice, exploitation, and greed for power. And within our team we acknowledge that we all have an obligation to do better. We are a female-led, independent brand and from day [...] More
  • International Women’s Day

    ❤️  HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY ❤️ To all of our fabulous ladies out there! We are so grateful to have you join us on this exciting ride and wanted to say thank you for your endless support! Make sure you scroll down below for a letter from our founder, Sabinna. Dear SABINNA-Community, Today is International Women’s [...] More
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