SABINNA Face Masks – Festive Couple Set


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These are non-medical, reusable masks.

These face coverings trap droplets to a certain degree when you speak, cough or sneeze, which helps to protect each other.

Due to hygienic reasons, our masks are excluded from returns.

This is our festive couple masks set – a special limited edition set with beautiful textured flowers. You can adjust the elastics and hide the knot in the side seam. These masks are made out of a cotton/linen mix. Please note: Each mask is unique and the position of the print may vary.

Ethically made in Europe Ethically made in Europe
Natural fibres Natural fibres
Upcycled Upcycled
Vegan Vegan

50% linen/50% cotton



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Here are a few things you need to know about your mask:

– Your mask is made from SABINNA offcuts and 100% natural fibres
– Put them in your washing machine at 30˚or iron/steam them (as hot as possible)
– Your mask comes with a wire to shape around your nose (for the perfect fit)
– The elastics go behind your ears, you can fit them to your liking
– The SABINNA mask has two different patterns to help track which side is clean
– Keep the pleats facing down
– Make sure the mask covers your nose
– Wash your hands before putting on your mask and after removing it

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