SABINNA Vegan Candle



Inspired by the scents of the festive season and the comfort of unwinding at home, our SABINNA candles are meant to awaken the winter spirit and fill your homes with the excitement and fragrance of cozy days indoors. Hand-poured in London by Subluceo, each candle is made with sustainably sourced, clean-burning soy and coconut wax as well as cotton wicks. 

They are cruelty-free, vegan and free from plastic, paraffin and phthalates. 

Available in two scents: ‘Orange + Cinnamon’ and ‘Frankincense + Myrrh’.

The perfect gift for a friend or a loved one, a pick-me-up for yourself or a little something to brighten up someone’s day.

120ml glass jars / Burn time 20-25 hours approx.

Height: 6cm / Diameter: 5,5cm

Eco-friendly dyes/ink Eco-friendly dyes/ink
Hand crafted Hand crafted
Vegan Vegan
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