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‘Out of focus’ - SABINNA season s006 is all about finding balance in life.

We all go through phases where everything seams to be out of focus. No decision seems to be right and no path seems to fit the expectations. Most people,especially in their twenties,know this out of focus feeling all too well. For Season s006,the collection explores a certain state of mind,of a journey in finding yourself. The colours and textiles are inspired by sculptures by Johnson Tsung and artwork by Landon Metz,Sinta Werner and Nygårds Maria Bengtsson.


  • LOVE = LOVE t-shirt black

  • Abstract Flower Jumper

  • Annie Bomber Stripes

  • Daria Striped Shirt

  • Ivy Dress Abstract Flower

  • James Top Flower Denim

  • Kiki Flower Shirt

  • Luna Jacket Merino

  • Lux Trousers Flower Denim

  • Poppy Top Checked

  • Sloan Dress Flower

  • Darcie Jumpsuit Checked

  • Darcie Jumpsuit Wine Red

  • Annie Bomber Merino

  • Pre Order – Harriet Coat Mustard

  • Lux Striped Suit

  • Wonder Trousers Checked

  • James Top Yellow

  • Pre Order – Wonder Trousers Yellow

  • Silk Scarf Abstract Flower

  • Silk Scarf Red

  • Silk Scarf Yellow / Navy

  • Blanket Scarf Pink Flower

  • Blanket Scarf Yellow Flower

  • Blanket Scarf Monochrome Flower

  • Andy Hand Knitted Jumper + Scarf

  • Rina Hand Knitted Jumper

  • Ivy Dress Yellow Check

  • Fera Hand Knitted Jumper

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