• RYOT STUDIO presents ‘The Fabric of Reality’

    We were honoured to be a part of 'The Fabric of Reality', an immersive fashion experience that brings together innovative fashion designers and world's leading XR artists. Brought to you and made possible by Ryot Studio, Verizon Media’s in-house creative studio and with the support of London College of Fashion's Fashion Innovation Agency, this unique collaboration will [...] More
  • SABINNA x By Rotation

     We are excited to announce another fantastic collaboration! SABINNA x By Rotation We have teamed up with UK's first and only peer-to-peer fashion rental app and are now offering a curated selection of unique one-off pieces to be rented directly from the app. We want to give you exclusive access to some limited pieces that you can’t [...] More
  • SABINNA x Agnes LDN

    SABINNA x Agnes LDN Collaboration Offcut Headbands Together with the ethical brand Agnes LDN, we created a variety of beautiful sustainable and upcycled limited-edition hairbands. Made from SABINNA fabric offcuts and produced by Agnes LDN, each hairband is unique and made by hand in London. With an (almost) zero waste approach it’s important for SABINNA [...] More
  • SABINNA x Karo Oh

    We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Karo Oh, an Austrian-based illustrator. SABINNA x Karo Oh Reconnect outside of the digital world Together with Karo, we teamed up to design seven postcards with special visual messages: Send them to your loved ones, pin them onto your fridge, or stick them to your wall. Lost [...] More
  • SABINNA x Crisis UK

    A part of the SABINNA team and some of our collaborators had the pleasure to spend the day with Crisis UK and the Canvas Café in East London.  Ruth, the founder of the Canvas Café reached out to us and mentioned the opportunity to get involved. We ended up sponsoring 100 meals for homeless people in our community and [...] More

    On 25th of May we released limited edition t-shirts in collaboration with Dariadaria and her sustainable fashion label Dariadéh at a Yoga Brunch Event at Karma Food in Vienna. We are delighted to announce that we sold out over night!? 100% of the profits from our event as well as the t-shirt sales benefit Zara Zivilcourage, which was founded with …


      During London Fashion Week 2019 we were part of the @lonedesignclub pop-up store located at 59 Greek Street, in the heart of Soho in London. The shop offered a fine selection of sustainable London based brands and we were very excited to be one of them. To celebrate Valentine's day and the launch of the new [...] More

    #KINODENKTWEITER x DARIADARIA   On the 3rd of October 2018 our founder Sabinna Rachimova was speaking at the 'Wear it right' event at the Gartenbau Kino in Vienna. It was a very informative and emotional event that started with the screening of 'The true cost' - a documentary about fast fashion and the consequences of it. Following the [...] More

      This limited edition ceramics collection is a collaboration between SABINNA and KANA London. All items are hand-built ceramics that were dressed in our signature SABINNA colours and hand-painted in East London. Kana London was born as a result of Ana Kerin's training in sculpture & her background in fine art, eventually becoming a fully developed [...] More

    BRIA and SABINNA partnered up to focus on improving sustainability practices in the fashion industry The teams at fashion-tech innovation agency BRIA and forward-looking fashion brand SABINNA have collaborated to transform a fashion capsule collection of wardrobe “staples” into new 100% biodegradable materials for use in garment packaging and shop interiors. By developing innovative processes …


    The Fashion Futures Awards celebrate how the fashion and retail industries are evolving through tech-based ideas, solutions and tools. The evening saw six accolades awarded in recognition of the achievements of the disruptors, visionaries, and innovators pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion and retail. We were nominated in the category Beyond the Runway, [...] More
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