A playbook for the future of sustainable fashion, SABINNA is ethical, innovative, and female-led, dedicated to exploring sustainability beyond the product.

Local production, close relationships with our manufacturers and an emphasis on education are key pillars of our mission.

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Focusing on local small scale production, SABINNA products are made using carefully selected materials. We ethically produce in the UK, in Portugal and in Austria. 


Founded by an immigrant woman, SABINNA has female empowerment at its core. Through our design, we pass on family stories, combine traditional handcraft with a modern aesthetic and encourage diversity in our industry.


Our innovative business concept bridges the gap between knowledge and conscious choices through an educational approach. Explore our workshops, podcasts and consultancy offerings.

Did you know?

All EU orders are shipped from our studio in Vienna and all UK orders are shipped from our studio in London. Which means that you don’t have to worry about any hidden extra costs or custom charges!

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