Free SABINNA Face Mask with every order


How are the masks made?

Our face masks are made from SABINNA offcuts and 100% natural fibres. Made by hand, at home in London by one of our lovely team members.

How do I wash my face mask?

You can wash them at 60˚ and then simply reuse it. We recommend washing it after every use.

How exactly does the mask protect?

Unlike a medical mask, which is designed to protect the person wearing it, our masks are for everyday use and are designed to protect others and keep everyone around you safe. The fabric can trap droplets to a certain degree when you speak, cough or sneeze, which is just as important as protecting yourself because supporting and helping each other is more important than ever and creates a safer environment for everyone.

What’s so special about SABINNA face masks?

As the masks are made from offcuts, we are giving some of our special fabrics new life by turning them into a new product to help others.

We have also decided to offer them for free with every online purchase.

If you don’t need one you can also simply opt out at checkout.

How do I purchase one of your masks?

At the moment our SABINNA face masks are for free and you receive a mask with every online order (unless you opt out). If you are interested in buying a set of masks, please email us at

Can I return the mask?

Unfortunately due to hygienic reasons it is not possible to return face masks.

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