Ethically produced in Europe and the UK, SABINNA garments are designed to last.

We believe that sustainability should be the norm, not a niche.


At SABINNA, we strongly believe that sustainable values need to go beyond the products of a brand. This means that ethical practices are deeply ingrained in our day-to-day business and we put a strong emphasis on good working conditions and transparent supply chains. We never work with animal derived products such as fur or leather and are also strongly against animal testing.

Not only do we value animals, but we also deeply care about the people behind our garments. We are committed to paying everyone in our supply chain a fair wage (from interns to garment workers). Labour should not be free and everybody who is part of our team is valued equally.

As a conscious brand, we are also aware of the importance of catering to as many people as possible, no matter the age, size or budget. 

At the moment, our main focus is to expand our size range and make our products accessible to all body types. This is a work in progress and we are planning to roll this out throughout 2021. 

We also strongly believe that brands have a certain responsibility towards their customers. The world of ethical fashion is complex and therefore transparency is essential. Our workshops, podcasts and webinars are bridging the gap between knowledge and conscious choices through an educational approach

Our sustainable values also play a big part when it comes to packaging. To wrap the items safely, we are using our customised tissue paper with our signature SABINNA flower print. It’s completely acid-free, FSC certified and printed using soy-based ink. For small orders, we are using 100% compostable mailers made out of corn, larger orders will be packed into recycled mailers. We have two distribution points: London and Vienna – based on your destination, we are shipping from the location closest to you. 

Our Production

Our studio in Hackney Wick has a manufacturing area where we produce all of our accessories, work on upcycling projects and take care of garment repairs for SABINNA items. Visit us in our Hackney Wick studio – you will be able to shop, get to know the team and look behind the scenes! Located at 121 Monier Road in E3 2PS London.

Our machine knitted pieces are made in Barcelos (Portugal), where we work with a family run factory. Our hand knitted pieces are currently made in our own knitwear studio in Vienna, which is run by Zula, Sabinna’s mum.
The woven pieces of our collection are made in a small independent factory in Stratford, which is in East London. Tatiana and her team sample and produce most of our pieces. We also work with an embroidery factory in East London, which is female led and employs women from diverse backgrounds.

Free repairing services for SABINNA items and garment alteration and repairs for your existing wardrobe 

We believe in making the most out of your SABINNA garments, which is why we offer free repairing services if your SABINNA item needs fixing. Whether you’ve noticed a hole in your garment, a missing button or a loose hemline, we’ll make sure to give your item the love and care it deserves so you’re 100% satisfied again.

Just drop us an e-mail and we’ll make sure to take care of the rest.

We also offer alteration and repair services for your existing wardrobe with our talented SABINNA design team. Do you have an item that you wore too much and it needs a make-over? A dress/trousers/blouse that could fit slightly better? We can make you fall in love with your existing garments all over again. Simply email us on – please note, this service is currently only available for our UK customers. 

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