• PODCAST 🌸 e017 Irene-Marie Seelig: Bringing conscious innovation to the creative industry

    Listen to Irene Marie Seelig, an entrepreneur & consultant for fortune 500 companies as well as start ups, focusing on sustainability and technology. Irene is a pioneer in introducing circular systems thinking, planet centric design & the UN sustainable development goals to businesses in order to drive growth, trust and transparency.  Presently as Innovation Program [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e016 Aja Barber: How writing can reshape the fashion landscape and educate us on our choices as consumers

    Listen to Aja Barber, a London based writer and style consultant focusing on sustainability, consciousness, ethics and intersectional feminism. Her goal is to bring our attention to how systems of power affect our consumer habits. Aja is microblogging daily on her Instagram account, raising her voice to talk about various modern-day challenges. She’s also a [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e015 Natasha Minter: Building a safe space and a community for models and creatives

    Listen to Natasha Minter, the founder of Model Me. Model Me is designed to educate and empower models and creatives by organizing events and offering support for all people involved in the creative industry. Founded in 2018, Natasha felt the need to improve the sense of community in the model and creative industry triggered by [...] More  →
  • A COVID-19 update from SABINNA

    Hello lovely SABINNA community ❤️ We hope you are all safe and doing well during these scary and uncertain times. As a brand who puts a strong emphasis on community and bringing people together, these past few days have been particularly challenging for us as a small, independent business. We strongly advise you to stay calm [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e014 Sophie Rist: Running a successful business by yourself while changing the way we look at sustainability

    This episode of CONNECTING PEOPLE features Sophie, the founder of the sustainable lifestyle brand Agnes LDN. Before starting her own business, Sophie was working as a designer in the fashion industry. Over time she started feeling like her role didn't match up to her personal morals so she decided to tackle the issue and started Agnes [...] More  →
  • Happy International Women’s Day 💞

    ❤️ HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY ❤️ To all of our fabulous ladies out there! We are so grateful to have you join us on this exciting ride and wanted to say thank you for your endless support! Make sure you scroll down below for a letter from our founder, Sabinna. Dear SABINNA-Community, Today is International Women’s [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e013: International Women’s Day Special

    This is a special episode of our podcast CONNECTING PEOPLE. Today is International Women’s Day and as we at SABINNA are a female-led team, we thought it’s the perfect timing to share our thoughts on what it means to be a woman and how we can empower each other.  We are very excited to have [...] More  →
  • SABINNA x By Rotation

     We are excited to announce another fantastic collaboration! SABINNA x By Rotation We have teamed up with UK's first and only peer-to-peer fashion rental app and are now offering a curated selection of unique one-off pieces to be rented directly from the app. We want to give you exclusive access to some limited pieces that you can’t [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e012 Eshita Kabra-Davies: From Finance to Fash Tech – How to find the perfect timing for a career change

    Listen to Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder of By Rotation London. Inspired by a love for fashion that doesn’t weigh on her conscience and with an approach grounded in practicality overindulgence, Eshita founded By Rotation as a side hustle in April 2019. Having travelled to her motherland Rajasthan, India for her honeymoon and witnessed the first-hand effects of [...] More  →
  • February pop-up at Coal Drops Yard

    We are so excited to have wrapped up our longest ever pop up last month at Coal Drops Yard. Not only did we go as big as never before but we also celebrated our birthday in February. SABINNA turned 5 🎉 Thank you to everyone who came by and shopped, celebrated and attended workshops with [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e011 Patrick Scally: Finding fulfilment on a larger scale through social engagement

    Listen to Patrick Scally, community manager of the Trampery Fish Island Village, a purpose-built campus for fashion, innovation & sustainability. Patrick is a creative professional with an impassioned interest in community development & social innovation. He has acquired years of experience of community building and workspace development in the East London creative ecosystem through work [...] More  →
  • SABINNA x Agnes LDN

    SABINNA x Agnes LDN Collaboration Offcut Headbands Together with the ethical brand Agnes LDN, we created a variety of beautiful sustainable and upcycled limited-edition hairbands. Made from SABINNA fabric offcuts and produced by Agnes LDN, each hairband is unique and made by hand in London. With an (almost) zero waste approach it’s important for SABINNA [...] More  →
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