• Price Transparency in Fashion

    Sustainable fashion is often considered expensive – but what is a fair price? And if we are not paying what an item is worth, then who is paying for it across the supply chain?  In the new episode of our podcast ‘Consciousness Beyond The Product’ we are discussing price transparency in fashion and how we …

  • Brexit’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

    Brexit impacted the Fashion Industry in many ways – from supply chain disruption to logistical difficulties, brands and businesses were facing a huge amount of uncertainty since the UK left the European union.   In our podcast episode about the impact that Brexit had on the UK fashion industry, we spoke to Tamara Cincik (Founder and …

  • Material Innovation in Fashion

    One of the most exciting aspects of fashion is how much innovation is currently happening. From new materials to technology projects: the industry is constantly changing and people are trying to figure out how to disrupt it. Material innovation in particular is an exciting field that’s continually evolving: from leather made out of mushrooms to …

  • Sustainable Fashion for Children

    Creating sustainable and ethically produced garments can be challenging. Creating sustainable garments for children can be even more tricky, especially considering the fact that they grow seven sizes in their first two years.  How can you ensure to live a sustainable lifestyle while also bearing in mind that kids grow so rapidly? What solutions are …

  • The Fashion Tech Tools of the Future

    The pandemic definitely changed the behaviour of customers and the way we interact with fashion. Brands who have not previously had much of a digital presence, were forced to innovate and improvise and others who have been previously tech savvy, became even more experimental with digital tools and finding ways to connect with their customers …

  • Fashion & Diversity behind the scenes

    It is no secret that the fashion industry has a big issue when it comes to diversity.  Whether that is racial diversity or representation of different body types.  Particularly noticeable is also the lack of diversity behind the scenes when it comes to hair and makeup. A lot of times, (particularly caucasian) hair and makeup …

  • Fashion’s impact on the Climate Crisis

    It is no secret that the fashion industry has a massive impact on the environment and our planet. But who can we hold accountable for the damage? How much power do consumers really have and what can we do to drive change? It is important to acknowledge that although fashion is one of the main …

  • Do you need to study Fashion to work in the industry?

    While the fashion industry is one of the toughest to get into and you have to work really hard to achieve your goals, there is still an assumption that fashion degrees are easy to achieve and not challenging at all. But what role does university play in our industry and how is the image of [...] More
  • SABINNA x Power Pottery

    We're so excited to present to you our newest collaboration: SABINNA x Power Pottery 😍 Viola Hänsel, the designer behind Power Pottery puts a strong focus on the representation of the female body in all its facets, particularly underrepresented body features with the aim to normalise them. This has also been the focus and goal [...] More
  • Cultural Appropriation in Fashion

    Cultural Appropriation is a term that’s being thrown around a lot, particularly in the fashion industry.  The meaning of it and what actually classifies as cultural appropriation is more complex and sometimes not that simple. Depending on who you ask you might just get a different answer. Generally speaking, the term can be defined as [...] More
  • What are Micro Communites?

    Micro Communities are becoming increasingly popular. They serve as safe spaces, ways to meet like-minded people and to share information.  But what exactly are micro communities? How do you become part of one and how do they operate? First and foremost, do not let the term ‘micro’ deceive you. Although this means that they’re usually [...] More
  • SABINNA x Subluceo

    We're so excited to be launching our latest homeware product: vegan candles. Hand-poured in London by Subluceo, each candle is made with sustainably sourced, clean-burning soy and coconut wax as well as cotton wicks. They are cruelty-free, vegan and free from plastic, paraffin and phthalates.  Available in four scents in 120ml glass jars at £15 [...] More
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