• Vegan Fashion

    How is it being perceived and how sustainable is it actually? Is there any way to distinguish between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ vegan materials? What innovation exists in the space of vegan materials? For this episode, we were joined by Megan Doyle, Lora Gene and Ann Cathrin Schönrock. You can listen to the full episode via …

  • Fashion Weeks In 2023

    Has ‘the magical lens’ that we have seen fashion weeks through lifted? Will there be a shift towards a wider range of platforms that showcases new talent?  What about digital fashion week formats? And what sort of fashion showcases will there be potentially in the future? Or maybe let’s even ask: what type of showcases …


    We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the incredible upcycling queen and founder of her namesake brand, Lydia Bolton to create the SABINNA X Lydia Bolton DIY Bow Kit. Lydia Bolton is a zero-waste advocate and helps brands, businesses and their communities tackle textile and material waste by helping them upcycle pre-loved items or what would be discarded unused fabric.

  • Digital Fashion

    How has digital fashion evolved over the last few years? Is digital fashion more sustainable than physical fashion? What will the future of fashion hold and will it be taking place online or offline? For this episode, we were joined by Fernanda Bernardi, Ashwini Deshpande and Leo Carlton. You can listen to the full episode …

  • Sustainability Claims

    The topic of this episode is Sustainability Claims & Validations. How can sustainability comms be made appealing to the consumer? Which sustainability claims do customers care most about? And what can the industry do to ensure a clearer understanding of sustainability claims? For this episode, we were joined by Jie Zhou, Bianca Foley and Liv …


    If you’re looking for some beautiful handcrafted pieces to spice up your wardrobe and make a statement this holiday season, then make sure you visit We Dress Collective’s fabulous pop-up at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin to rent some of SABINNA’S favourite hand-crocheted pieces. 


    SABINNA x NINA LONDON We are so looking forward to launching our collaboration with NINA LONDON and bring to you the SABINNA print muslin cloth. If you haven’t heard of NINA LONDON before, they are a London-based brand that make beautiful baby clothes and muslin cloths made from sustainably-sourced cotton. 

  • Price Transparency in Fashion

    Sustainable fashion is often considered expensive – but what is a fair price? And if we are not paying what an item is worth, then who is paying for it across the supply chain?  In the new episode of our podcast ‘Consciousness Beyond The Product’ we are discussing price transparency in fashion and how we …

  • Brexit’s Impact on the Fashion Industry

    Brexit impacted the Fashion Industry in many ways – from supply chain disruption to logistical difficulties, brands and businesses were facing a huge amount of uncertainty since the UK left the European union.   In our podcast episode about the impact that Brexit had on the UK fashion industry, we spoke to Tamara Cincik (Founder and …


    We recently collaborated with the ethical German-based brand, FOLKDAYS, to create a 10 piece glass bead jewellery collection, inspired by SABINNA’s signature floral print. These one-of-a-kind pieces were designed by SABINNA’s founder, Sabinna Rachimova, taking inspiration from her upbringing and signature SABINNA silhouettes.


    SABINNA x UNOWN We are so excited that our new collaboration is here! We have recently partnered with UNOWN Fashion, the fabulous fashion rental service based in Germany, currently shipping to the entire DACH region. Whether you need an outfit for work, a special occasion, or every-day wear, UNOWN helps you dress more consciously by [...] More
  • Material Innovation in Fashion

    One of the most exciting aspects of fashion is how much innovation is currently happening. From new materials to technology projects: the industry is constantly changing and people are trying to figure out how to disrupt it. Material innovation in particular is an exciting field that’s continually evolving: from leather made out of mushrooms to …

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