• Listen, Learn and Reflect ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    Dear community, We feel saddened, we feel outraged, we feel devastated, we feel sick. George Floyd was brutally murdered by the police in broad daylight. An innocent life was taken and this is not the first time this is happening. The conversation around systemic racism is louder than ever and it’s important for all of us to [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e024 Eve Kekeh: Reshaping the kidswear industry through a circular approach

    Listen to Eve Kekeh, the founder of Bundlee, the UK’s first baby clothing rental service. As the eldest sister in her family, Eve experienced the problem that many new parents face: babies grow, but their clothes do not. Babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in their first 2 years. Eve set about to tackle the baby clothing waste problem, using circular economy [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e023 Ryan Mario Yasin: Implementing aeronautical engineering in fashion

    Listen to Ryan Mario Yasin, a 27-year-old design engineer with a background in aeronautics. Ryan invented, photographed, and promoted his brand Petit Pli in 2017, while he was a Global Innovation Design student. Since graduating in 2017, he has evolved Petit Pli’s designs from a proof of concept to a patent-pending commercially available design. Ryan’s [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e022 Matthew Drinkwater: Exploring the future of retail and customer engagement

    Listen to Matthew Drinkwater, who works at the crossroads of Fashion, Retail, and Technology to head up London College of Fashion's Innovation Agency. Using emerging technology to alter the way that the fashion industry is making, showcasing, and retailing, Matthew and his team are building a pathway for truly digital designer businesses. Matthew has delivered [...] More  →
  • Consciousness Icons

    We are excited to announce a new website feature: Our consciousness icons 😍 Each product now features a set of icons telling you more about its sustainable impact. Simply click on a product to find out more about its conscious aspects. Should you have any further questions, make sure you also check out our sustainability section [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e021 Gerhard Molin: Being on a constant journey towards personal growth

    Listen to Gerhard Molin, an aspiring software engineer with a strong background in UX Design, entrepreneurship and product strategy. Gerhard strongly believes that the ability to reinvent yourself is a key skill in this age. He is also a Special Lecturer at the University of Arts London and host of the Futurish podcast. As an [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e020 Anna Brightman: Exploring the power of circular economy in an oversaturated market

    Listen to Anna Brightman, Co-Founder of UpCircle Beauty. Launched in 2016 by siblings Anna and William Brightman, UpCircle are the pioneers of the by-product beauty movement. UpCircle elevate leftover natural ingredients, bringing them back to life as beauty products your skin will love. The brand name encapsulates their core purpose: sustainability and promoting the power [...] More  →
  • SABINNA Face Mask Sets

    🌸 We have launched SABINNA Face Mask Sets 🌸 All masks are made in London from beautiful SABINNA fabric offcuts and 100% natural fibres. They are reusable and washable at 60˚. We have 3 beautiful sets to choose from. Explore them here Each mask comes with a wire to shape around your nose and elastic bands to [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e019 Susie Willis: How grit, passion and intuition can define you as a founder

    Listen to Susie Willis, a beauty innovator with a drive to create brands that are founded on the principle of nutrition using nature-based ingredients with integrity. Having gained strong expertise in clean and plant-based ingredients, Susie’s interest evolved to the clean, ethical skincare space. The concept for her second brand, Romilly Wilde started to become [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e018 Jessica Warch: Bringing transparency to an old-fashioned industry and revolutionizing sustainable jewelry

    Listen to Jessica Warch, co-founder of Kimaï, a DTC fine jewelry brand launched a year ago. All their pieces are handmade in Antwerp using lab-grown and recycled diamonds only. Both co-founders grew up to diamond trading families and felt it was time to bring some transparency, innovation, and change to that very traditional industry. We [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e017 Irene-Marie Seelig: Bringing conscious innovation to the creative industry

    Listen to Irene Marie Seelig, an entrepreneur and consultant for Fortune 500 companies as well as start ups, focusing on sustainability and technology. Irene is a pioneer in introducing circular systems, planet centric design and the UN sustainable development goals to businesses in order to drive growth, trust and transparency.  Presently working as Innovation Program [...] More  →
  • PODCAST 🌸 e016 Aja Barber: How writing can reshape the fashion landscape and educate us on our choices as consumers

    Listen to Aja Barber, a London based writer and style consultant focusing on sustainability, consciousness, ethics and intersectional feminism. Her goal is to bring our attention to how systems of power affect our consumer habits. Aja is microblogging daily on her Instagram account, raising her voice to talk about various modern-day challenges. She’s also a [...] More  →
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