• s008 – It’s all a journey, not a goal

      ‘It’s all a journey, not a goal. SABINNA season s008 is about the never ending process of learning.  We tend to label everything in life. We give emotions and moments an expiry date and limit our own imagination. We are told to focus on a goal rather than on the process that brings us …

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  • International Women’s Day 2019

    As every year, we picked an organisation that we would like to support on this International Women's day. This year it’s Verein Die Haarspender. We will be donating 20% of all sales made, between now and 14th of March. Why ‘Die Haarspender’? Recently Maddie from DariaDaria spoke about the non-profit organisation @verein_die_haarspender to whom she is planning to donate her [...] More  →

      During London Fashion Week 2019 we were part of the @lonedesignclub pop-up store located at 59 Greek Street, in the heart of Soho in London. The shop offered a fine selection of sustainable London based brands and we were very excited to be one of them.   To celebrate Valentine's day and the launch of the [...] More  →

    #KINODENKTWEITER x DARIADARIA   On the 3rd of October 2018 our founder Sabinna Rachimova was speaking at the 'Wear it right' event at the Gartenbau Kino in Vienna. It was a very informative and emotional event that started with the screening of 'The true cost' - a documentary about fast fashion and the consequences of it. Following the [...] More  →
  • Come visit us in our studio!

    The SABINNA Studio Driven by the passion for craft of making and the art of storytelling through fashion, the first two seasons of SABINNA were developed at the designer’s flat. Here the first samples were designed and hand-made by the designer herself, with special care and attention to detail. This mindset is to the date [...] More  →
  • SABINNA S007

    SABINNA season s007 focuses on the perception of the environment and the individual perspective. The collection is primarily inspired by the Venezuelan artist Jesus Rafael Soto and the ’moiré’ pattern created by his optical illusions. Precise geometries, a strong colour palette and the delineation of two-dimensional space that Soto is well known for were the [...] More  →
  • Offcut bags

      Ever wondered what happens with the leftover fabric and textile waste from the pattern cutting process when making your clothing? These ‘offcuts’ usually go straight in the bin creating unnecessary waste. At SABINNA we decided to do something about it and are launching limited-edition bags that are made from our own offcuts! We developed four signature shapes. Which one suits you best?     Alina [...] More  →

      This limited edition ceramics collection is a collaboration between SABINNA and KANA London. All items are hand-built ceramics that were dressed in our signature SABINNA colours and hand-painted in East London. Kana London was born as a result of Ana Kerin's training in sculpture & her background in fine art, eventually becoming a fully developed [...] More  →

    BRIA and SABINNA partnered up to focus on improving sustainability practices in the fashion industry The teams at fashion-tech innovation agency BRIA and forward-looking fashion brand SABINNA have collaborated to transform a fashion capsule collection of wardrobe “staples” into new 100% biodegradable materials for use in garment packaging and shop interiors. By developing innovative processes …

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  • Season 006 – out of focus (Lookbook +)

    SABINNA season s006 is all about finding balance in life. We all go through phases where everything seems to be out of focus. No decision seems to fit the expectations. Most people, especially in their twenties, know this out of focus feeling all too well. For Season s006, the collection explores a certain state of [...] More  →
  • Love = Love

    Limited edition Love = Love collection   'Love I suppose, is freedom of the heart and soul It exists to sooth boredom and brings zest to all No matter what it does Its nativity is a call For love is love Boundless and true' --- Marvin Brato Sr     Embrace love in all its [...] More  →
  • This was SABINNA in 2017

    As we are saying goodbye to 2017, it's time to look back at this fabulous year! It was full of innovative adventures, experiments and valuable experiences. Thanks to everyone who's been part of it and we can't wait to push the boundaries further in 2018! World's first mixed reality fashion experience SABINNA presented the first interactive mixed reality fashion [...] More  →
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